Alaska is how big?

August 2, 2018


For those of us who have lived in Alaska, we know its the Great Land- the Last Frontier. (Before space....) But, try writing about it. I have about five trash-canned attempts at contextualizing Alaska's "greatness." I looked at map overlays, and underlays and time zone comparisons. There was a visual discrepancy with the square-mileage stats. If you look at Google maps, Alaska is clearly half, or at least a third the size of the US. But, everywhere its cited that its only 2.5 times the size of Texas. I thought I was studying a math problem for the SATs all over again....

Tricky Google Maps. They make things at the top bigger for the appearance of the map. Which, is a little insulting to Alaskans- we've been forced to visually overcompensate. Google put a magnifying glass over our big trucks with bigger tires. Well, Google, we don't need the help, thank you very much. I found a great article that puts Alaska in perspective. Check it out if you have a second.

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